Day 14 – Alien Resurrection (1997): Ellen Ripley Clone 8

My mommy always said there were no monsters. No real ones. But there are.

Oh man, this was a tough one and I had to go back and watch the film again to lock in the character I wanted to draw.  I knew I wasn’t going to “waste” Ripley for this one. But then she shows up in that basketball scene and it is just too amazing not to draw. 

Technically this is the clone of Ellen Ripley but I’m not going to split hairs over the uniqueness of the character LOL.  Besides, there are plenty of characters throughout the first three films.  

Alien Resurrection, the special edition is nowhere near as bad as its reputation may indicate.  Sure the whole human/xenomorph baby thing is a little left field and I could live without but overall the film is some good fun.

Someone over on Twitter pointed out that it is a proto-Firefly which I honestly never really considered until it was pointed out and yeah you could totally swap the Firefly crew in.

This is part of the 366 Characters from 366 Films project running throughout 2020. The original illustrations go on sale over on the Lee Draws Stuff store the same day (around 9:00 am Brisbane time) and are available until someone snaps it up.

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