Day 16 – Favourite Trek Game – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Okay I’ll admit it, I am misinterpreting this one on purpose in order to make my life easier.  I could have drawn the box to the Star Trek 25th Anniversary game which is my favourite Star Trek game but visually I don’t think it would be very interesting and besides it has such beautiful artwork on it already why try and interpret that?!?

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game Box Art

In researching this one I also discovered that one can buy at a very reasonable rate a copy of this game on and it works on the Mac so I’m a little bit excited to be playing that on my big screen and hearing the cast read all their lines.   It’s truly wonderful fun and in the spirit of the original series.  I actually owned this game when it first came out without the voices (I think it was on 3.5 inch disks?!?!? and my computer struggled to play it.)

So this game aside what did I do for today’s entry?

Day 16 – Favourite Trek Game – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Three Dimensional Chess

Now, I’m going to let you in a little bit of head canon.  In my mind T’Pol went on to be highly respected on Vulcan for her role in the birth of the Federation.  Due to her personal experience she took on a special interest in Ambassador Sarek’s half human son Spock, becoming a mentor and before transferring to the Enterprise he sought her council regarding serving on board the flagship and predominantly human ship.

T’Pol was the one who introduced him to 3D Chess.

I read somewhere that Jolene Blalock has been approached about reprising her role in Star Trek Discovery’s second season.  I dearly hope this is true as she is one of my favourite characters.  Blalock herself was a huge Star Trek fan and I always felt she never got treated well.

Also yes there was a couple of days break in the challenge, my computer died and I lost a day to fixing it as well as doing the Discovery Trekmas piece.

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.

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  1. Lee says:

    Also T’Pol’s outfit is inspired by this cosplayer’s costume – I don’t know who she is to thank her 🙂

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