Day 19 – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999): Mustafa

I can’t stand to be asked the same question three times. It just irritates me.

It would have been very easy to draw any of the larger than life characters in Austin Powers The Spy who shagged me but I had to go with the character that made me laugh the most and continues to, to this day and that is the assassin Mustafa who meets his end (?) at the bottom of the cliff.  With his very broken leg and his quite a lot of pain, it had me in tears in an already hysterically funny film.  I still quote his adherence to the three questions rule.

I thought I might exaggerate his judo/karate stance a little which he goes straight into after climbing up the cliff, though I was also tempted to show him at the bottom of the ravine with the bone protruding from his leg and beginning to smell like almonds.

If only he had a band-aid or some antiseptic cream.

This is part of the 366 Characters from 366 Films project running throughout 2020. The original illustrations go on sale over on the Lee Draws Stuff store the same day (around 9:00 am Brisbane time) and are available until someone snaps it up.

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