Day 2 – Trinity #WhatIsTheMatrixArt

Illustration of Trinity from the film The Matrix

So originally when I drew this I got excited about drawing the Trinity glasses because my wife owns an original pair that came out with the movie (she doesn’t wear them).

At any rate, Trinity isn’t wearing them when she smashes this poor jobsworth.

Of course this guy probably thought he was off for a day of busting computer crime and making the internet a safer place for everyone.  He probably had his whole “you wouldn’t steal a car” speech planned and then this hacker woman drop kicks him across the room.

Then he has PTSD and has to quit the force, a year or so later he’s working security at some power plant…

Ahem.  Sorry.  Got carried away there.

So anyway I removed the glasses.

The original is available unless someone has nabbed it, note that a lot of the black has been added digitally (you can see that in the listing though).

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