Day 20 – Character You’re Most Like – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

 Day 20 – Character You're Most Like – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Commander William T Riker

Now this is one that is fraught with danger.  Rather than over analysing this one I decided to go with the character I could most easily cosplay.  I mean I say easily but of course I would have to wait a couple of months for my hair to grow back.

Commander Riker is not a bad character to be compared to anyway and I’ve always had a soft spot for him and felt that he was under utilised throughout the films. And yes there were episodes where he probably should of just had a cold sonic shower but he really shines as Number One and Jonathan Frakes seems to really love being involved with Star Trek.

So I’m not going to scratch any deeper into this than here is photographic evidence I could pull together a pretty okay Riker cosplay:

Okay fine Jones the cat isn’t convinced… everyone’s a critic.

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.