Day 28 – Jurassic World (2015): Dr Henry Wu

The Indominus wasn’t bred. She was designed. She will be 50 feet long when fully grown – bigger than the T. rex.

LOL I don’t know why I picked Dr Wu, I guess it was easier than attempting to draw my favourite character in Jurassic World; Nostalgia.

I wonder if Wu was ever considered the baddie in the first film, I get that he’s representative of the arrogance of science (thanks a lot Crichton and Spielberg – science isn’t a bad thing!!!!) but I never really thought of him as the baddie until of course we see where the years have taken him into Jurassic World.

I think he was in Fallen Kingdom as well bit, wow do I dislike that film!

This is part of the 366 Characters from 366 Films project running throughout 2020. The original illustrations go on sale over on the Lee Draws Stuff store the same day (around 9:00 am Brisbane time) and are available until someone snaps it up.

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