Day 40 – District 9 (2009): Little CJ

“We go home now?

I think I’ve only watched District 9 twice.  

It’s a confronting film and it is so well thought out and realised.

Originally I was hesitant to draw one of the aliens, they’re really intricate so it’s a fun challenge to simplify them.  In my research for this one I found out the slur “prawn” isn’t actually because they look like ocean prawns it’s the slang term for a certain type of cricket in the region which they look like.

Unofficially I believe the species is called “Poleepkwa”.

This is part of the 366 Characters from 366 Films project running throughout 2020. The original illustrations go on sale over on the Lee Draws Stuff store the same day (around 9:00 am Brisbane time) and are available until someone snaps it up.

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