Day 68 – Star Trek (2009): Spock

“One hundred twenty-nine years from now, a star will explode, and threaten to destroy the galaxy.”

I know it’s probably controversial to pick Spock for this film but I was so thankful to see Leonard Nimoy again that his appearance here has a place in my heart.

I don’t mind the Kelvin timeline films though I understand the problems people may have with them (Into Darkness does not fair well on repeat viewings – best not to think about the details lest it ruins the whole experience). I love the costuming for Spock in this film as well and would very much like one of those coats.

If you have a chance to watch the making of behind the scenes videos the feature on Nimoy is particularly good. He mentions at one point how this is his last scene ever (which of course it wasn’t) but it was a beautiful moment and we’re so lucky it was caught on film.

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