Day 72 – Star Trek Into Darkness (2013): John Harrison / Khan Noonien Singh

You think your world is safe? It is an illusion, a comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace, for I have returned, to have my vengeance.

The first time I saw Star Trek Into Darkness I thought it was brilliant, the second time I thought it was good, the third time I had questions. I don’t think Into Darkness fares well with any level of scrutiny which is a shame because the film looks so damn good.

But the holes in the plot are huge and there are motivation issues and reveals that no one but Spock Prime would care about.

I am Khan…

Ummmm yeah, so?

But there’s parts of the film that a great, the opening sequence is great, the Klingon… cough homeworld is okay if you forget what planet they’re supposed to be on. And that scene where Khan stomps Dr Marcus’ leg and snaps it is brutal and amazing. Cumberbatch does a great job with Khan despite the obvious nationality issues. But he’s intense and driven and you need to remember that his Khan is different from Wrath of Khan.

You do unfortunately need to forget the stupid super blood and the planet to planet beaming or else it renders the universe completely unworkable.

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