Day 74 – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984): Mola Ram

“ab iski jaan meri muthi main hai”

I have a special place in my heart… for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I know it’s silly and pretty racist and extremely inaccurate but it is a throwback to a less enlightened time of mystery from India and the pulp serials.

It is weird watching scenes discussing Indian culture and actually knowing what some of the terms mean etc and just saying wow that’s really just inaccurate LOL.

For this one I just wanted someone interesting to draw and the scene involving the heart removal is so iconic and terrifying (for a kid at least which is what I was at the time).

I also have vivid memories of the taste of the breakfast cereal that had the toys from this film featured on the back.

I wonder if this would make a good valentine’s day card?  

This is part of the 366 Characters from 366 Films project running throughout 2020. The original illustrations go on sale over on the Lee Draws Stuff store the same day (around 9:00 am Brisbane time) and are available until someone snaps it up.

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