Day Nine – Favourite Character – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Nine – Favourite Character – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge
Day Nine – Favourite Character – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge
Captain James T Kirk in EVA Suit

Truth be told it’s Captain Kirk, I know I’ve already featured him but he’s my favourite Star Trek character, despite loving them all dearly.  Not really much else to say that hasn’t already been said, I do want to mention how much I appreciate Chris Pine’s take on the character.  I think he filled some very large and intimidating boots to capture the essence of the character.

He said that he didn’t watch the show to avoid studying Shatner and doing what could have been an awful imitation and so I think that it’s fantastic that there are scenes in Star Trek 2009 that he seems to be channelling Shatner’s Kirk.  Especially the scene where he sits in the chair for the first time, I expect if what he says is true then the direction of JJ Abrams must be applauded.

As a side note, I think the novels (especially the film adaptations) have also helped shape my mind view of the character and I love the uneasy position of admiration Kirk is placed in after the V’Ger incident.  A very public saving of Earth (I assume Picard’s time travelling adventure from First Contact were probably not advertised to the wider population) saw him elevated from the best Captain in the fleet to the saviour of Earth and all the hero worship that followed.

There’s a small line in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country where the C in C says to the President of the Federation “Sir. …Those men have literally saved this planet.”.  I think that’s a nice reminder of where the crew of the Enterprise and Captain Kirk sit in the public consciousness within the Star Trek universe.

I drew him in the TOS EVA Suit because I just like the look of it and I don’t get to draw it enough.

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.