Deep Space Nine Sketch Cards

Deep Space Nine Artist Sketch Cards by Lee Sargent

So I’m currently in a mad race to finish 95% of the outstanding commission requests before I have to pack everything up here and live like a nomad for a couple of weeks.

It’s an exciting time and the challenge is to give everyone the awesome effort they’re hoping for which has been part of the reason for many of the delays.

I can assure you that when I’m at the bottom of a very deep dark depression well you don’t want me to work on your illustration LOL. The last twelve months have definitely been the most challenging I think I’ve ever faced and whilst we’re not out of it completely there is most definitely real light at the end of the tunnel.

Dawn is breaking as the sparkly vampires might say.

What a great way to kick of this stampede though by doing a batch of really fun DS9 sketch cards!

Remember with these sets I’m not picking the characters (actually I got to pick one which was Jake and Nog) so save your complaints of not including Garak!

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