Don’t go into the long grass! A #TheLostWorld #JurassicPark scribble

The Lost World Jurassic Park scribble by Lee Sargent
Not into the long grass!!!

I really love the long grass scene though it makes very little sense why they would run out into the long grass know what’s in there.  Particularly RJ who warns them continuously not to go into the long grass yet follows them anyway.

He also throws his backpack off which our heroes later find and use to call for help.  did he know he was about to die?  Was he leaving the bag for Roland or the others to find in the hope they might be saved? 

I should really pop the audio commentary on to see if that’s explained or not.

I think the scene shot from above showing the raptors approaching the group is fantastic, almost shark like and so I had to scribble the attack!

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