Day Three – Favourite Starship – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Three - Favourite Starship – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

NCC 1701, no bloody A, B, C or D.

This was a hard one for me actually because I really loved the Enterprise refit / A.  It’s a beautiful refit of the original Enterprise and to be honest if I hadn’t seen Star Trek Remastered then I might have still gone with it.  There’s nothing more majestic than the Enterprise limping home in Star Trek III however I am going with the original Enterprise.

Classic TOS Enterprise, it’s hard to go by her and with updated special effects she looks amazing.  It’s the original, end of story.

A close second apart from the Enterprise A would be the Klingon Bird of Prey – particularly the HMS Bounty.  Some very fond feelings for that ship, especially the awesome shot of her hovering above a whaling ship, sadly a problem we still have.

Scene from star Trek 4 The Voyage Home

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.

What’s your favourite Star Trek ship?

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