Day One – Favourite TOS Episode – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day one - favourite TOS episode - 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

The Devil in the Dark

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these daily challenges so when I saw TrekkieRob post this over on Twitter I thought this would be cool to adapt to a drawing challenge.

So kicking off with day one what is my favourite Star Trek TOS episode? Well I think I only really discovered this semi recently when recording the Star Trek First Watch podcast.  I was struck by how fine an episode The Devil in the Dark is and was completely taken aback that it’s my favourite episode.

It’s shot amazingly, and it feels like everything awesome about Star Trek, the crew working together to solve a threat that turns out to be life that we don’t understand yet.  Even the Horta a creature design that has no right to be as effective as it is on screen is wonderful.  So as good as The City on the Edge of Tomorrow is, this episode beats it out by a Horta’s nose.

You can buy the original illustration on Etsy.

Also I’ll be posting the video of painting this over on Patreon in the coming days for Patrons.


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