Day 17 – Favourite Trek Novel – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day 17 – Favourite Trek Novel – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge
Day 17 – Favourite Trek Novel – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge
The Borg encounter the Voyager 6 spacecraft

There are literally so many fantastic Star Trek novels, growing up I was a massive fan of the James Blish adaptations and the Alan Dean Foster books. I must have read the film adaptations 100s of times but the book that really jumped out at me was the ultimate in fanboy stories – William Shatner’s* The Return.

It has Spock, McCoy, the TNG characters plus some DS9 characters thrown in for good measure all fighting the Borg.  It was often thrown around by Shatner as his solution to the dismal Kirk death in Generations but in reality it just wouldn’t have been film-able.

That being said there is one aspect of the story that I personally accept as canon (even though it really isn’t) and that is that V’Ger was of Borg.  The machine planet that Voyager 6 crashed on was the Borg home world and they were the ones who repaired it and give it the ability to assimilate all that was learnable.

I mean their missions weren’t that dissimilar, the Borg assimilate biological and technological distinctiveness into their own and V’Ger was learning and digitalising everything it encountered. Same mission just different evolutionary pattern.

You could even wonder if Voyager 6’s simple programming set the Borg off, assimilating everyone.

It’s a good fun read and more importantly because it wasn’t strictly canon it showed what kind of imagination could be brought to the Star Trek universe.

Now if you’re a keen Star Trek historian you might notice something familiar about those Borg (apologies to Durinda Rice Wood).

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.

*I’m under no illusion that Shatner wrote much of this apart from general storyline but it’s still cool.