First Prehistoric World Problems – addicted to their fire.

I don’t have children so I have no wolf in this fight but when I was a kid it was television that was going to turn our eyes square and ruin our lives if we watched too much of it. Now it seems that computers and tablets are the problem.

I’m sure there is a problem but I wish I had an iPad and access to the world’s repository of information at my fingertips when I was a kid. I can’t imagine what it’s like to instantly be able to find out about something with no delay. Well I can obviously I have that access today but wow it would have been mind-blowing to be carrying around a rectangle that not only can play high definition episodes of Star Trek but could also tell me the distance between Earth and the Sun just be asking it.*

It just kind of feels that every piece of new technology is a problem for the children of that generation.

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*Just in case you were wondering I asked Siri when writing this…

In fairness my next question will probably be what is an Astronomical Unit.

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