Frankenstein (1931)

Dr Frankenstein confronts his creation.

Dr Frankenstein confronts his creation – Lee Sargent 2018

I’ve always been a huge fan of the original Universal Monsters for as long as I can remember.  I just love everything about them, from their impressive production designs, awesome music and committed performances.  There’s so much to dissect (if you’ll excuse the phrase) in the films which make them timeless.

I love the feeling of dread that envelopes Dr Frankenstein after he achieves what he set out to do and realises that he’s made a huge mistake in doing so.  It’s palpable throughout the second half of the film as well as the tragedy of the creation itself.  It didn’t ask to be created, it doesn’t understand that it shouldn’t try to stop the annoying creatures from tormenting it or that the pretty little girl wouldn’t float like the pretty little flowers.

It’s why it makes me sad when they have to put down dangerous dogs simply because they either have bad owners or people don’t have any common sense and the animal is responding in the only way it can.

Whoa deep for a Monday morning.

Next up Dracula.

The original illustration is available to purchase.

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