It seems like only yesterday that I was drawing daily Spocks and thoroughly loving everyone else’s contributions to my anti-establishment Trek geek project.

Anti-establishment because the other drawing challenges were all a little too copyrighted for my liking, even though a massive corporation owns Spock. But what that means is that I can never own Spocktober.

Spocktober is not official, it’s a celebration, and everyone can do it their way.

If you want to ignore every prompt and just draw whatever you want featuring Spock, more power to you, I can’t take Spock away from you!

Plus, you don’t even have to draw, you can write out little poems or get screenshots or take photos of a Spock figurine.

It’s entirely up to you!

For my part this year, I’ve chosen some science fiction tropes and keywords to kick off the old creative juices. I plan on doing something original for each theme. Show Spock in all new and unseen adventures.

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I think I will go very cartoonish to add that extra sparkle of logical fun.

I hope you’ll join me. The hashtag belongs to all of us who have felt like an outsider, inspired by Star Trek or love some pointy ears.

Let me know if you do take part if you want to.

Read more about Spocktober and check out last year’s images.