I kind of really need some help

This isn’t an easy thing to post but I’m not really sure I have any other immediate options and I figure I should throw everything I have at this problem.

So a perfect storm has hit (figuratively speaking that is) and my wife and I find ourselves in pretty dire circumstances.  I’d rather not go into all the circumstances, we’re surprisingly private people despite living whole lives online.  The short story is simple, I’ve been looking for work in the field I’ve worked in for the last 15 years and despite some great leads I just can’t lock in that next job.  Something that hasn’t happened to me before and to be honest I think I was a little naive and it’s completely bitten us on the arse.

I’m making a huge shift now on what kind of jobs I’m looking for and I think I should be good to get something more entry level which is fine I really just want a good stable solid job so I can come home at night and work on my passions.

The only problem is that none of these jobs will start until January.  This is the WORST time of year for this!!  So I have a month or so of bills that are already piling up and getting a little insistent and a pretty empty bank account.

So here’s the plan.

I’m selling pretty much all of my time for what I hope will be well into 2019 and giving you folks the chance to not only own some of my scribbles but completely define what I’m drawing for the next however many months.  I’m going to put all my drawing side projects away and just focus on commission pieces.

Here’s what’s on offer (note prices in AU and don’t include postage):

I’ll be updating all of these through the day whilst I try and get stuff sorted. I’ll have examples and further descriptions so if you have your eye on something that isn’t up yet then please check back.

Also if you have a project in mind outside of these that you think my illustration style would be awesome for please contact me and let’s have a chat!!!

I’m not looking for a hand out I’m happy to work my arse off to scrape through to January and I honestly appreciate you even reading this far.  This is embarrassing but it’s an unhealthy level of stress that we’re struggling with.

It’s an awful time of year and I completely appreciate it if you’re strapped for cash yourself, please don’t compromise yourself or your family to throw some cash my way I completely understand!

Thanks again!

PS if you are waiting on something you’ve already bought – I’m sorting out postage this week and ordering the remaining ABCs cards very soon and then they’ll start going out too.

One thought on “I kind of really need some help

  1. Matthew Darcy says:

    Lee, how do you like contact, I had an idea that I said I’d mail you about, and this may actually be something that could turn into a commission based on this post, I’d love to talk through the idea and see how you’d visualise it, and see if it’s something that sits on the back burner in your mind as a hobby project or something that could work as a commission.

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