I’m no longer doing The Terminal sequel

I was gearing up for a bio hazardous stay overnight in the airport.

Today has been pretty rough as I sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see the words cancelled on a text or an email.

It was a productive day though as it dawned on me that there are hotels right there at the airport within walking distance. I was gearing up for 24 hours in an airport full of people who are all potential carriers of not just the COVID-19 virus but all sorts of colds and flu. But now I’ll be barricading myself in the closest and most affordable accomodation available before heading off on my second flight into the arms of the Tasmanian Government and their state run isolation facilities that I’m expecting to be on par with my “close and affordable” accomodation at the airport.

And that’s not a complaint, Tracey pointed out that we’ve been apart for 14 months now due to circumstances outside our control and two weeks where ever the Government want me to be is fine as long as I know at the end I’ll be home.

So tomorrow I fly out and I’ve checked in and confirmed the flight and it feels like it would be unusual for Qantas to do a snap decision to cancel now. Of course if they do I have a back up flight waiting in the wings.

My Jetstar voucher came through just now so I’m covered if I need to rebook the following flight which is a huge relief.

There’s a few people that I’m not going to name (for their modesty sake) that have made this whole mercy dash possible and I hope each of them know how much this means to us.

I’ll be trying to keep everyone updated throughout the next couple of days and then hopefully my isolated quarantine. The best way to keep a track is over on Twitter for live updates (#VoyageHome), Facebook for not as live here and there and haphazardly on instagram.

I’ll be doing daily recaps here though as well.

I generally sleep very poorly the night before a flight anyway and I suspect tonight will be double so.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions over protective gear! I have 2 x P2 masks, 3/4 of a travel bottle of hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and of course my glasses which aren’t quite goggles but are reasonably large. Oh and I have some cliff bars to reduce snack interactions.

My intent is to go straight to the hotel and get into the room as soon as they let me and staying put until check in for my Jetstar flight.

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