Invaders from the Fifth Dimension – #LostInSpace

Apart from one of the greatest title for an episode of television, this is again a fascinating portrayal of aliens or as they refer to them “anti-humans”.

Their appearance in the last episode showing that they were watching the Robinsons was menacing and their appearance is a wonderful production, vaguely disembodied heads, though clearly, we can see that they’re wearing black, the effect is nonetheless very effective. As is the spaceship which is very alien and their motivation really makes this episode a solid story, the production design work on this show is brilliant and I’m shocked at the creativity around it all.

The anti-humans require a humanoid brain to augment their computer power to calculate a trajectory home to the fifth dimension. Dr Smith in his usual self serving manner offers up Will Robinson’s in his place. Apparently, he is too large for the alien scanning device and would have to be altered in some way.

Smith is more interesting than I expected as he feels a lot more complex than a one-dimensional foil.

The aliens are indeed forcing his cooperation and he does at times seem legitimately interested in betraying them.

When the aliens get Will they place him in a wonderfully alien-looking contraption but his human emotions make him incompatible and the aliens release him after accepting failure.

They are destroyed.

Poor Judy tried to warn them early on that something weird was going on but was dismissed. There was a moment where she has the slightest hint of vindication but I might have been projecting that on her behalf.

The cliff hanger is then Don seemingly being crushed by a boulder whilst working on their water extraction system (which I think is a great idea – the water thingie not Don being crushed).

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