Iron Man – 2008

As much as I’m loving having Stargate rolling in the background even I have to take a break if only to stop the streaming service from asking me five times a day if I’m still there.

I generally have something on in the background all day as I get used to kicking around the house on my own. So I thought it might be fun to dip into other universes whilst not being completely random so I’m embarking on a tour of the Marvel universe.

Iron Man from 2008 still holds its own as a standout film. I don’t think either of its sequels have come close to replicating the quality of the film, especially the story. The Marvel universe owes Iron Man a massive debt of gratitude for setting the MU on the right path and showing that these films could be done without shying away from costumes and embracing the characters for who they are.

I’ve drawn this before and to be honest it was only supposed to be a warm up scribble but it got out of hand and I ended up inking it and adding a lot more detail than I was.

Weirdly enough my favourite part is the eyes and they were an afterthought when I was inking it.

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