Island in the Sky – #LostInSpace

With much of this episode the re-edited pilot episode (extremely well done I might point out – there were some clever set ups to ensure that people were where they were supposed to be).

I thought I won’t draw the giant cyclops again but would focus on West discovering “Debbie” a chimp who is clearly sad to be wearing a pointy hat and ears.I do like that the design does follow the giant’s design to suggest possibly a shared heritage.

They make really good use of their spaceship scenes and sadly the Professor goes for another spacewalk and again it is a complete cock up and frankly if I were Mr Robinson I stay in the ship.

Dr Smith is a cold son of a bitch. He orders the robot to kill the Robinsons one by one and make it look like accidents. This is like a Breaking Bad moment.

I’m keen to get past these initial episodes which feature the pilot episode footage so heavily.

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