It’s a very NX-01 #Trekmas – a festive #StarTrek scribble

It's a very NX-01 Trekmas - a festive Star Trek scribble featuring the crew of the NX-01 - by Lee Sargent

It’s that time of year again where I visit all the Star Trek series and get into the Trekmas spirit.

I’ve done this four years running now so it’s a bit of a tradition for me in December. This year I add another show to the group with the upcoming Picard series.

Colin over on Patreon highlighted concerns about Porthos’ poor little paws in the snow and now he has Enterprise issue dog boots. I figured if I was going to take the NX-01 crew ice skating then I may as well bring their favourite Andorian along who would of course be in his element!

The original for this will be available on the Etsy store after 9:00 am Brisbane Australia time.

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