It’s a very TOS #Trekmas – a festive #StarTrek scribble

It’s a very TOS #Trekmas – a festive #StarTrek scribble
I weary of the… oh a pressssent!!!

With half of Australia on fire and the heat soaring I just can’t bring myself to draw another snow scene LOL.

As my aircon is reasonably old and even when first installed were placed in the wrong parts of the house to be effective I’m strategically moving from room to room and doing my best to avoid bursting into flames.

So I thought for the TOS one we might visit the unnamed world that fights the Gorn on and appears to be on the warm side and deliver some Christmas cheer instead of a chest full of diamonds and a flying double leg kick.

The original for this will be available on the Etsy store after 9:00 am Brisbane Australia time.

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