I’ve gone digital, well sort of.

As my patreon peeps know I’ve been doing a digital art course because I’ve never really taken to digital art all that well. I don’t like the feel of a Wacom vs paper and pencil but there are just some things I’d love to do that I can’t in traditional.

Of course choosing a type of digital art was the tricky part, until I remembered early dabbling in pixel art and realising that it is alive and well as an artform.

I assumed that my drawing style might lend itself well to pixel art and after replicating Commander Riker digitally I sought out a quick test of one of my drawings.

I just wanted to see how easily I could translate how I draw and maybe some of my sense of humour with yesterday’s Horror Express piece and the result is below:

It was a pretty quick job as I just wanted to get a feel for it but I think it came up quite well and the cool thing is that I now have these sprites to work with again anytime. So if for example I wanted to include Grand Moff Tarkin somewhere I now have a basic model for his head 🙂

Also just a note I turned the loop off for the animated gifs so they wouldn’t be too annoying so you might just have to hit refresh to see the animation if you missed it.

And don’t worry I’m not hanging up my pencils and paper!

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