Junk Punch 1 – King Kong & Godzilla

Junk Punch 1 - Godzilla punching Kingo Kong in the nads

A little background on this one, last week I posted an image from my archives to social media which I’ve been doing on and off. As various blogs and channels have disappeared so have some of these images so I want to give them new life and they are an interesting look at my progress.

Some of them make almost no sense out of context and I’ve forgotten what the context is for some of them including:

From what I can tell it’s a picture of George Washington punching Bigfoot in his junk…


Funny thing though is that this little archived gem has produced more messages than almost anything else I’ve ever posted. People suggesting it could be the first Doctor Who punching Chewbacca in the nads and a bunch of requests for a high res image (which I don’t have).

Far be it for an attention starved person like myself to ignore that apparently there’s a niche out there for random pop cultural figures junk punching each other.


So I went big but easy for the first team up and I gave the power over to the gang on Patreon to decide. Despite throwing my own support behind Kong it was the king of the monsters that won the day.

I need to work out a way to generate random combinations of characters and if anyone cares about this one I’ll work on something in the future.

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