Junk Punch 4 – ‘InSepwIjDaq jIqIp’egh.

Junk Punch 4 Klingon self junk punch

So last week I ran a poll on Patreon between Storm Troopers and Klingons for Junk Punch 4. Then I thought about and invited the Jaffa from Stargate into the mix.

For ages there were only votes on the Klingon which was going to present itself with a problem (I could have done a double junk punch with the Klingon hitting the Jaffa and Trooper but that time has passed) so I jokingly suggested that if no one voted for anyone else then I would feature the Klingon warrior junk punching himself.

Eventually someone voted for the Trooper and someone voted for the Jaffa and it didn’t really matter anyway because I had already decided that this Klingon was going to be self junk punching.

I sought out proper self junk punch Klingon translation which I’m very proud to say thank you to Klingon Pop Warrior for kindly offering her translation services:

So the story behind this guy’s self inflicted pain is that he is a Klingon warrior of the the house Tar’genth a fringe bloodline that before battle junk punches themselves really hard so they’ll feel it in stovakor before battle.

I mean there are native tribes that bind their genitals to remain super focused during battle so why not.

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