Lucius Malfoy

There was a very brief moment where I confused Lucius with Draco and fortunately the client reminded that they’d asked for the senior Malfoy.

Not having done a lot of Harry Potter work in the past I’m quite enjoying discovering the costumes and interpreting them as best I can for my purposes.  It’s such a rich and diverse world of characters and designs that it’s a pleasure to get a chance to explore it from an illustration point of view.

The commission drive is still going so if you don’t mind waiting on a piece (well into the new year I suspect) lock one in now, you’ll be helping me out and securing a drawing because the commissions will have to close at some point.

I’ve currently got commissions open to get us through a bit of a rough patch so if you’d like to help out and grab your own scribble please head over to the shop!

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