Meet Ensign Todd, he’s about to have a terrible month.

Ensign Todd

For the next 30 days, you’re going to see a lot of Ensign Todd and not necessarily all in the same place…

With the 30 Days of Red Shirts, I wanted to have a single character who’s going to suffer the likes of which we haven’t seen since O’Brien.  Every day he’s going to be the “star” depicted the day’s theme.

So who is Ensign Todd?

He was a bright cadet who worked very hard throughout his time at the Academy. He got excellent marks and was very well regarded by his classmates.  His parents are very proud of him, coming from a humble farming background, he’s the first member of his family to graduate Starfleet Academy. Lucy, his gal back home can’t wait for him to finish his first rotation on a starship because then they’ll be married in a ceremony she’s been planning since they were in high school.

Todd has hopes to one day be the head of security on a deep space station where he can raise a family.  His favourite game is checkers and tri-dimensional chess gives him a headache.  He likes cube food and milk.

I want you to think about that EVERY day of the 30 days of Red Shirts which you can follow here, on Twitter or over on the Facebook page. Oh and also Instagram… so everywhere really.

I really hope YOU take part and definitely let me know if you do!

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