Miral’s first #Trekmas – a #StarTrek festive scribble

Someone suggested I draw Tom, B’Elanna and Miral which has been with me now for a month or so. Then when I was working out Trekmas pieces I realised that this make a cool Trekmas illustration.

So I did something a little different with structure-wise as I thought it would be a good one to stretch myself a little.

Also, the scanner is having all kinds of trouble with the two different watercolour mixes but you all get the idea 🙂

The original for this will be available on the Etsy store after 9:00 am Brisbane Australia time.

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One thought on “Miral’s first #Trekmas – a #StarTrek festive scribble

  1. Bobbie Stewart says:

    Me! It was me! I asked to commission that Tom, B’Elanna, and baby Miral drawing during Fictober (<- proof). I’m crossing my fingers I can snag it before anyone else does because it’s blown past any expectation I had for a happy family scribble.

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