Music to draw robots by

So whilst cleaning out my archives at home I uncovered a series of illustrations I did about seven years ago that I don’t actually hate.  The project was a series of illustrations of robots drawn whilst listening to a particular song or inspired by the song or something to that effect.

Some of these came up pretty well but I have no idea what all the songs are!

Music to draw robots by

I can’t even guess what this song would be.

It’s on the tip of my tongue, I’ll probably wake up some night with the song stuck in my head but I’m not even going to try and guess it here.

Music to draw robots by

This is Thunderstruck, I think.

Oh actually this could be You Give Love A Bad Name, possibly, I don’t know.  I think it’s probably most likely to be Thunderstruck.

Music to draw robots by

Something depressing

I’m going to suggest something depressing?  I do like the design of the robot though 🙂

Music to draw robots by

Carry On Wayward Son*

This one I remember because I bought the song on iTunes (this was before streaming subscriptions well before I got on to them or this song wasn’t on them).

*see the bottom of the page – this might have been a Bon Jovi song like Wanted Dead or Alive or Blaze of Glory

Music to draw robots by - Sabotage


I think this was actually the first one that inspired me to do the rest. I had this idea of a robot running through streets and crashing through walls and stuff to the song Sabotage.

Music to draw robots by

I want to say Every Rose Has its Thorn

I’d say that’s a pretty good bet, nothing else much makes sense.

Music to draw robots by

If I’m guessing I’m going to say Time After Time

I think this robot is actually modelled after a Japanese robot.  As I type this I just went and checked and it was Johnny Socko and His Flying Robot.

Music to draw robots by

Oh ummm actually this one is Carry On Wayward Son

Well you’ve certainly got some insight into how I write a linear blog post, more of a stream of consciousness than an article.  But yes this one was Carry On Wayward Son and the other one was probably a Bon Jovi song.

Seven years is a long time obviously when it comes to a developing drawing style but I still like these pics which is why I’m sharing them and they are not sitting in my recycling bin out on the street.

I might revisit this when I have some spare time in the new year, any suggestions for what songs and any guesses for the ones I don’t know (some of you might remember actually – Arjan I’m looking at you!)?


4 thoughts on “Music to draw robots by

  1. Colin Chick says:

    Man. I remember these! Wow. What a wonderful blast from the past!

    • Lee says:

      Yeah I just found them in a folder somewhere and they’d held up so much better than some of the other stuff of the time

  2. Helen says:

    They are REALLY cool. Very atmospheric.

    • Lee says:

      Cheers, I remember being quite pleased with them at the time and the fact that they have held up attests to that, it does make me keen to do some 2018 versions (2017 is looking way too busy)

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