My Friend, Mr. Nobody #LostInSpace

Now THIS episode is high concept science fiction episode and on paper, it sounds dreadful but on screen it is riveting. The story beat of a child having an imaginary friend that turns out to be a powerful alien is one that’s shown up in Star Trek but this predates Trek and handles it well (better in my humble opinion).

It’s good to get a focus on Penny who hasn’t had a huge amount of the spotlight (though neither has Judy, apart from being a vague love interest for Don).

The production design is great, actually, it has been great in every episode so far. I was particularly taken with the drilling rig.

Mister Nobody has an almost Philip K Dick’esque vibe as he slowly evolves to become the genesis for an entire galaxy.

The robot being let loose was interesting as his lasers are more lightning bolts and in an unexpected turn of events is completely destroyed by the entity (later to be put back together by Smith).

Smith is starting to show more of a comical villain vibe as he is very excited about getting diamonds despite their abject worthlessness.
He also utters the phrase: oh the pain, the pain for the first time and I’m guessing not for the last.

Stand out episode around a concept I thought I’d hate.

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