No you can’t go play with friend Geordi?!?!

“No, you can’t go play with friend Geordi?!?! That’s just about enough individuality from you Mister, now go to your alcove and stop thinking for yourself.”

When I teased that I was doing another Borg Queen piece I was hinting at a particular character, what I got in return were a whole bunch of character suggestions that were honestly too good to ignore.

So I stole all (most) of them.

I really love that Hugh is back in Picard, I think that’s pretty awesome that they’d bring him back and really tie that whole story line back in. As soon as I started think of Hugh though I got this idea of a motherly Borg Queen sending him to clean up his alcove or the like and so this was born.

There’s a few more Borg Queen pieces coming over the next couple of days so watch out for them. In related news I may need to go pick up some green paint LOL.

The original for this is available until someone snags it.

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