Old Friend – a Star Trek Voyager illustration from Year of Hell

Janeway says farewell to Tuvok in Year of Hell

Old friend… 2017

I’m making my way through the backlog of Star Trek commission pieces and I always love a good Year of Hell request.  I think Year of Hell is probably one of the most imaginative ways to do an “it was all a dream” episodes and in the end, I wasn’t disappointed that it would leave no lasting impact on the show. It was a pretty grim what-if but it gave them a chance to do some really interesting things.

I had to reframe this scene for my particular style but I think it came up really well.  Sometimes I get requests to do a Star Trek colouring book so I grabbed the linework so you can download it and colour it yourself if you’d like (post a link if you do!)

Old friend - Voyager colour in

Old friend – Voyager colour in