One Sentence Synopsis – MCU: Phase One

Inspired by the amazing description of Star Trek V The Final Frontier:

Kirk meets God and is unimpressed

Australian TV Guide

I started playing around with One Sentence Synopsis over on Twitter for the Star Trek films and then after asking what I should do next the overwhelming response was the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Far be it for me to argue with popular opinion (I was looking forward to writing one sentence synopsis for the Fast and the Furious franchise LOL) I also thought it would be cool to draw something for each of them as I’ve been meaning to do a MCU theme.

Now thankfully the MCU is broken up into phases which gives me natural breathing points in between them. Now I best show some pictures or I’m going to lose you all LOL.

I love phase one of the MCU, I remember taking the day off from work on the opening day of Iron Man because as a huge Iron Man comic book fan I was stoked to see him up on the big screen. And yeah it didn’t disappoint.

Building up to what seemed like an impossible film The Avengers, of course after the Infinity War and Endgame poor old Avengers looks like a tiny film LOL but at the time it was unbelievable that they could make it so well.

So everyone has been really enthusiastic around these and I’ve got a new option from my printer to do up some really nice matte thick card prints that should make these pop as a series so I might offer them up as a set – break them up into phases or make them available as a mega set.

The originals for all these have also just gone up for grabs if anyone is interested. The originals don’t have the sentences on them though so just remember that.

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