Page 100 – Doctor Who: The Five Doctors by Terrance Dicks

Sarah and the third Doctor had descended from the trapdoor into a long and gloomy corridor. Dark-panelled with occasional musty wall-hangings, the place had an atmosphere that was decidedly sinister. They went along corridors, down staircases, along more corridors, and down more staircases. Sarah found she couldn’t go on. Suddenly she stopped.

Doctor Who The Five Doctors by Terrance Dicks – Page 100

So there was a project started by another fellow quite a view years ago called the Page 100 Project and the whole gist was to draw a comic page of the 100th page of a novel.  I did three or four of these and always loved the concept.

Now I’m resurrecting the project in a fashion.  Rather than drawing a comic page I’m just drawing the one image to “illustrate” a passage on the page.

The last book I read was Doctor Who – The Five Doctors by Terrance Dicks which I picked up in Hobart my last trip down from a street library (of which Hobart has many around the CBD).

So I was pretty happy to be drawing the third Doctor and my favourite of the companions Sarah Jane Smith.

I purposely avoided watching the episode and only used costume reference shots for this. I think when I first read it I just pictured an old murky castle kind of place and my wall hangings are in a lot more decayed state.

I’m going to try and find a copy of the show to watch!

Original is available on the Etsy Shop.

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