30 Days of Red Shirts – Day Two: Transporter accident

What we got back didn’t live long… fortunately.

I didn’t make this as explosively bloody as I was originally thinking but I feel it’s plenty disgusting anyway.

Today’s is a good example of where I’ll deviate quite a bit from what we’ve seen on screen. This was inspired though by the Transporter scene in Star Trek The Motion Picture and this scene from Galaxy Quest LOL

The original is available (until it’s not).

30 Days of DS9

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly that went by and what a joy it was to do. It actually prompted me to rewatch whole seasons of Deep Space Nine and now I suspect I’ll keep going through to the end now.

Day 30 was a hard one to sum up in a paragraph and an image for what I loved the most.

I remember very clearly when DS9 first aired on Australian television and I was blown away about how different everything was, the tone and vibe of the show was new and at the time felt very edgy. I can still feel that emotion when watching episodes today, discovering little details in the background and the beautiful designs.

It’s nice that the nostalgic memories still remain for DS9, the show hasn’t really aged at all, especially those later seasons. I can’t wait to see the documentary which of course this was all a lead up to.

A HUGE thanks to Thad for creating this and asking everyone to join in, it’s been a blast and if you have liked this series please take the time to let him know.

Here they all are collected in one spot:

Rocket Penguins!

The standout hero of a recent Batman piece I did was a little Rocket Penguin who sneaked into the picture.

So I had to draw a couple of standalone penguins…

Rocket Penguin Type 1

I always intended to pop these on t-shirts and stickers but originally I was going to digital colour them but sometimes I like the effect the converted watercolours come up with.

Rocket Penguin Type 2

I just really enjoyed drawing these little fellows!!!

The originals are available as well. Type 1. Type 2.

Meet Ensign Todd, he’s about to have a terrible month.

Ensign Todd

For the next 30 days, you’re going to see a lot of Ensign Todd and not necessarily all in the same place…

With the 30 Days of Red Shirts, I wanted to have a single character who’s going to suffer the likes of which we haven’t seen since O’Brien.  Every day he’s going to be the “star” depicted the day’s theme.

So who is Ensign Todd?

He was a bright cadet who worked very hard throughout his time at the Academy. He got excellent marks and was very well regarded by his classmates.  His parents are very proud of him, coming from a humble farming background, he’s the first member of his family to graduate Starfleet Academy. Lucy, his gal back home can’t wait for him to finish his first rotation on a starship because then they’ll be married in a ceremony she’s been planning since they were in high school.

Todd has hopes to one day be the head of security on a deep space station where he can raise a family.  His favourite game is checkers and tri-dimensional chess gives him a headache.  He likes cube food and milk.

I want you to think about that EVERY day of the 30 days of Red Shirts which you can follow here, on Twitter or over on the Facebook page. Oh and also Instagram… so everywhere really.

I really hope YOU take part and definitely let me know if you do!

The Ship Cook – a fanfic writing prompt

Quark - the ship cook
Everyone is a food critic

During a recent rewatch of Deep Space Nine I heard Quark mention the fact that he used to serve as a cook on a ship and this captured my imagination a little.

Then I asked over on Twitter if there have ever been any books or short stories covering this period which apparently there hasn’t.

Since I don’t have the time to write something I thought I might try and draw a young Quark on the freighter working in the kitchen and hopefully someone else might be inspired to write their own short story.

If you do please let me know and feel free to use the image (with credit of course).

Original is available to buy.

30 Days of Red Shirts

As suggested over on Facebook by a friend and fellow part-time scribbler I’m kicking off my own 30 Day Drawing Challenge with thirty days of gruesome ends of those clad in red.

I invite everyone to join us and I’m particularly interested in those who have no idea what half of these are (there’s only really two days that don’t happen on screen in Star Trek TOS) and how you’ll interpret them as prompts.

Also if drawing isn’t your thing I’d love to read some mini fiction or see inspired by photos or who knows what!?

Use the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and at least tag me over on Facebook so I know you’re doing them!

We kick off on Monday 13th of May!

Remember too that this is not an official activity and is in no way endorsed by CBS and the good people at Star Trek.

My side, your side!

This is my side! That’s your side. You stay on your side. My side, your side! My side, your side! My side, your side!

Stark wasn’t a character I really cared for in my first couple of watch throughs of Farscape but I always liked his look and I really enjoyed his character this last watch through (spoiler alert I really loved everyone!)

I’ll use this now for a model to make an 8Bit version of him.

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In space no one can hear you, Charlie Brown

The Trek mashups are fun but this is a whole different level of fun! I’ve got most of it plotted out in my head.

Original illustration (including all the words etc) is available from the shop.

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TrekNuts – The Man Trap

This will probably be the last Trek tie in for a little bit whilst I head over to the Alien franchise.

I thought I’d update and expand my original Space Psychiatric Help piece and I needed someone to appear alongside Plum and I have a soft spot for the Salt Vampire and was curious what one of the aliens might look like in Peanuts style.

The original is available to buy.

Remember if you dig my stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing semi-daily journal entries which include sneak peeks, behind the scenes and first looks then head over to Patreon and subscribe for as little as $1 (US) a month.