Page 100 Project – The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Page 100 Project - The Gunslinger

Page 100 Project – The Gunslinger – 2017

The Page 100 Project – draw the 100th page of a novel in comic format.

Having been a big Stephen King fan for most of my life I’ll admit to not really knowing how it was that I just never got around to reading The Dark Tower series.  Most people praise it and even then I’m not sure I was convinced until I read The Gunslinger.

I really enjoyed it. Loved it in fact and couldn’t put it down, from its perfect first line to the ending that must have been a nightmare for those waiting for the next one to be written.  I highly recommend it.

The 100th page is really dialog heavy and I had to leave out a couple of lines which I really didn’t want to do but I just didn’t have the room.  As it is I crammed extra dialog just to get to that “then we’ll go” line.  I refused to pollute the second panel with words though as I felt the line in the novel describing that panel had to remain (and it’s my favourite panel now.

When I read the book I was a little torn as I’ve seen the trailers for the movie and probably picture Idris Elba as Roland as I’m reading it but then I was reading about how the Man With No Name is the inspiration around the look of Roland so I decided to go with something like that.  I enjoyed playing with the smoke as well, I overplayed it certainly but I don’t think that matters.

Sisko confronts Garak – a DS9 illustration

Sisko confronts Garak at the end of In the Pale Moonlight

Commission piece from In the Pale Moonlight – 2017

I possibly consider In the Pale Moonlight to be the finest Deep Space Nine episode, I could be wrong as I’ve never consciously attempted to rank them but this episode does come to mind often when I think of DS9.

I went with a thicker pen for this because I wanted to create a little more heaviness in the line work.  I’m not convinced on Garak, he’s a character I struggle with drawing I think I absolutely nailed angry and frustrated Sisko, well I hope so anyway.

Sketchbook Scenes – Wayne’s World

Sketchbook Scenes - Wayne's World

Sketchbook Scenes – Wayne’s World (started 2015 finished 2017)

So after yesterday’s post I went and dug the sketchbook out and discovered that it actually has three pencil sketches in it waiting on paint (well two now).  These were only ever meant to be quick little sketches so I’ve tried to maintain that for this two years on (the longest “quick” sketch I’ve done).

Party on!

Sketchbook scenes – 2015

Back in 2015 I was looking for inspiration to fill a sketchbook that I had and so I gave myself a task.  Do a search for iconic movie scenes and then pencil and watercolour sketch them in the sketchpad in the order they appeared in Google images.  I resisted telling anyone what the thread was through these sketches, though I hinted that there was one.

Looking back on them I’m actually quite proud of how they came out, those scenes are very clearly from each of those films and if you know the scene you’ll hopefully recognise it.

I believe that there are still some pencil sketches in that sketchpad that I hadn’t painted yet so I might dig it up and see if they are worth finishing.  I might even be tempted to continue on the work (I do need to finish up my He-Man collection though and a number of commission pieces!) as the search results have changed so dramatically in the past two years.

Not sure if I have a favourite, possibly Leon and I think I captured the colour palette of Terminator 2 really well.

What’s your favourite? I’d love to hear!

Q and Picard – a TNG illustration

Q and Picard in Tapestry - a TNG illustration

Q and Picard in Tapestry – 2017

This is another commission piece and I kind of struggled with it because the scene itself takes place in some sort of Q heaven which is bathed in white light which is not really in my wheelhouse to suitably show the effect.  So I just focused on the two characters, Q is another one that I struggle with and he’s usually driven by the costume to make him.

I really like this episode it’s one example where Q can be used for really good storytelling.  Usually, I’m not a huge fan of the character, I admittedly find his and most holodeck episodes pretty tedious but I like this small journey into the decisions we make.

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Hairy Baby – illustration from Big Hero 6

Hairy Baby - illustration from Big Hero 6

Hairy Baby – 2016

I really enjoyed Big Hero 6, it was a fun movie and Baymax is the best!  I’ll admit though to never having read the comic or being even aware of it if I’m honest. I did a quick check to see if there is going to be a follow-up film but the news is really sketchy with some articles saying yes to Big Hero 7 and others saying it’s going to be a series on Disney XD.  I am surprised at how successful the film was, I just didn’t think it was that big a hit, but then I don’t keep as close an eye on these things as I once did 🙂 .

If anyone can tell me if there is indeed a sequel coming it would be appreciated!

No one will give me any paper. A DS9 illustration

No one will give me any paper. A DS9 illustration.

No one will give me any paper. 2017

The real bonus behind offering up commission requests is the diverse ideas that come through (being able to buy guilt free art supplies is the other bonus).  I would never have thought to draw “Benny” from the Deep Space Nine episode Shadows and Symbols and I really enjoyed working out how to best present it.  I’m really pleased with the end result overall and hope that the client is just as happy.

I think the slippers make the piece despite not appearing on screen!

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Page 100 Project – Engines of Destiny – from the archive

Page 100 Project - Engines of destiny

Page 100 Project – Engines of Destiny – 2010

So quite some years ago Jason Turner started a little thing called the Page 100 Project.  Essentially the gist was that you took the 100th page of a novel and you illustrated it as a comic-book page.  I did a couple of these back in 2010 and semi-recently I’ve been doing one-off illustrations from the 100th page of books I’ve been reading but I think I’d like to start work on these again.

This is from the Star Trek novel Engines of Destiny and I have no idea about what’s going on here apart from Data collapses and a weird small Klingon ship appears and then blows up.

Seven years is a long time, this was when I was going through my comic book illustration phase, where I was working towards being a much more traditional style comic book illustrator.  It never really felt right so it’ll be interesting to see how much my current wabi sabi minimalist approach translates.  I’ve done a couple of short five-page things and I think it works but then I suspect my style is an acquired taste and not for everyone.

The first one up is going to be The Dark Tower book one – The Gunslinger.  Do I go with movie versions or make up my own impressions!


You’re out! A Star Trek DS9 Illustration

Star Trek DS9 Baseball illustration You're out! From Take me out to the holosuite - 2017

You’re out! – 2017

Take me out to the Holosuite is a really fun Deep Space Nine episode that takes a break from the Dominion War to have at least a little fun.  This is a Star Trek commission piece which I was given free rein on as long as it was from this episode and we decided to make sure Worf was in there.

Because of the very nature of the episode I made sure this felt a bit fun and didn’t go in for a huge amount of detail!

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