Day 21 – Least Favourite Character – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – Chakotay

Day 21 – Least Favourite Character – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge - Chakotay

Commander Chakotay

Man I really didn’t want to do this one at all.  I thought long and hard about all the characters and I realised that of all of them poor Chakotay was the one character who I feel they gave absolutely nothing to do and then on the odd occasion that he did get stuff it’s just stuff that I wouldn’t bother rewatching.

Now that’s nothing to to with Robert Beltran’s performance, I just remember thinking in the first season of Voyager, this is going to be an interesting character and then he never really was, and never really got to do anything.

So to make it up to him I at least went the extra mile with this and put him in an interesting place doing what he would have loved!

Ironically “least” favourite doesn’t really mean anything – give me a Chakotay episode any day over a Transformers movie


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PS you all would hated me if I said Q 😛



Day 20 – Character You’re Most Like – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

 Day 20 – Character You're Most Like – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Commander William T Riker

Now this is one that is fraught with danger.  Rather than over analysing this one I decided to go with the character I could most easily cosplay.  I mean I say easily but of course I would have to wait a couple of months for my hair to grow back.

Commander Riker is not a bad character to be compared to anyway and I’ve always had a soft spot for him and felt that he was under utilised throughout the films. And yes there were episodes where he probably should of just had a cold sonic shower but he really shines as Number One and Jonathan Frakes seems to really love being involved with Star Trek.

So I’m not going to scratch any deeper into this than here is photographic evidence I could pull together a pretty okay Riker cosplay:

Okay fine Jones the cat isn’t convinced… everyone’s a critic.

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Day 19 – Favourite Voyager Episode – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day 19 – Favourite Voyager Episode – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Year of Hell – Part Two

I didn’t want to do the obvious choice which is Year From Hell Part 2 but some very wise people on Twitter reminded me to be true to my choice for it is what it is.

Also it’s true.

I don’t even feel cheated at the end of the episode when everything reboots, it’s a relief to be honest because the alternate time line is truly horrifying for our intrepid crew.  So with this being the predictable choice I’ve decided not to go the predictable image to draw.

I chose the shot of Seven of Nine before Tuvok and her leave the ship.  I spotted the screencap over on TrekCore where I do all my reference shot browsing and it really struck me as quite poignant.

Mainly because of the hair, Seven’s hair is always so immaculate and for it to be messed up like this speaks volumes, especially as she is caring for Tuvok at the same time.

So apologies to everyone waiting on the Janeway pocket watch but I kinda really love drawing Seven.

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Day 18 – Favourite Non-Aligned Race – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

 Day 18 – Favourite Non-Aligned Race – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

The Mugatu and Ensign Ricky

This was really a toss up between the Gorn and the Mugatu.  I’m not sure if the Mugatu is considered a “race” as such but I decided that they would be more fun to draw anyway.  I like the idea of this giant monster of the week kind of creatures which I don’t know if the other series captured quite so well.

So the Mugatu are just fun and probably not as well known to non-Trek fans, certainly no one I know connected the dots between Zoolander’s Mugatu character (Ben Stiller is a massive Star Trek fan).  For a modified gorilla suit it’s surprisingly well put together though I think unicornirilla would have been a superior name for the species.

This was a really fun piece to draw.

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Day 17 – Favourite Trek Novel – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day 17 – Favourite Trek Novel – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

The Borg encounter the Voyager 6 spacecraft

There are literally so many fantastic Star Trek novels, growing up I was a massive fan of the James Blish adaptations and the Alan Dean Foster books. I must have read the film adaptations 100s of times but the book that really jumped out at me was the ultimate in fanboy stories – William Shatner’s* The Return.

It has Spock, McCoy, the TNG characters plus some DS9 characters thrown in for good measure all fighting the Borg.  It was often thrown around by Shatner as his solution to the dismal Kirk death in Generations but in reality it just wouldn’t have been film-able.

That being said there is one aspect of the story that I personally accept as canon (even though it really isn’t) and that is that V’Ger was of Borg.  The machine planet that Voyager 6 crashed on was the Borg home world and they were the ones who repaired it and give it the ability to assimilate all that was learnable.

I mean their missions weren’t that dissimilar, the Borg assimilate biological and technological distinctiveness into their own and V’Ger was learning and digitalising everything it encountered. Same mission just different evolutionary pattern.

You could even wonder if Voyager 6’s simple programming set the Borg off, assimilating everyone.

It’s a good fun read and more importantly because it wasn’t strictly canon it showed what kind of imagination could be brought to the Star Trek universe.

Now if you’re a keen Star Trek historian you might notice something familiar about those Borg (apologies to Durinda Rice Wood).

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*I’m under no illusion that Shatner wrote much of this apart from general storyline but it’s still cool.

Day 16 – Favourite Trek Game – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Okay I’ll admit it, I am misinterpreting this one on purpose in order to make my life easier.  I could have drawn the box to the Star Trek 25th Anniversary game which is my favourite Star Trek game but visually I don’t think it would be very interesting and besides it has such beautiful artwork on it already why try and interpret that?!?

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game Box Art

In researching this one I also discovered that one can buy at a very reasonable rate a copy of this game on and it works on the Mac so I’m a little bit excited to be playing that on my big screen and hearing the cast read all their lines.   It’s truly wonderful fun and in the spirit of the original series.  I actually owned this game when it first came out without the voices (I think it was on 3.5 inch disks?!?!? and my computer struggled to play it.)

So this game aside what did I do for today’s entry?

Day 16 – Favourite Trek Game – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Three Dimensional Chess

Now, I’m going to let you in a little bit of head canon.  In my mind T’Pol went on to be highly respected on Vulcan for her role in the birth of the Federation.  Due to her personal experience she took on a special interest in Ambassador Sarek’s half human son Spock, becoming a mentor and before transferring to the Enterprise he sought her council regarding serving on board the flagship and predominantly human ship.

T’Pol was the one who introduced him to 3D Chess.

I read somewhere that Jolene Blalock has been approached about reprising her role in Star Trek Discovery’s second season.  I dearly hope this is true as she is one of my favourite characters.  Blalock herself was a huge Star Trek fan and I always felt she never got treated well.

Also yes there was a couple of days break in the challenge, my computer died and I lost a day to fixing it as well as doing the Discovery Trekmas piece.

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Trekmas on the USS Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Christmas illustration

Trekmas on the USS Discovery

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who reached out over the last couple of weeks asking if there would be a Discovery Trekmas illustration this year.  It took me a little while to work out how I’d frame this crew as they’re not exactly your typical “Trek family”.

As always the Trekmas scribble is a little intimidating but a lot of fun to do.

I hope you enjoy and have a very safe and stress free Christmas.

The original illustration is available on Etsy (next year we might do Christmas cards – also note that this will not arrive by Christmas if you buy it).

There is also a free colouring page pdf available for you to colour however you’d like this Trekmas season 🙂





I’m happy enough to admit that whilst I generally did not enjoy the majority of the original Stallone Judge Dredd story I really loved the visuals and some of the epic landscapes in the film.  Everything else was rubbish and after reading about what went wrong you can completely see it up on the screen.  Stallone didn’t know or really get the character and he thought he was supposed to be funny.

That all being said I do not own a copy of Judge Dredd and nor would I consider it.

Dredd on the other hand I do have a copy of and after watching it again for this project I’m reaffirmed to the fact that Karl Urban is Judge Dredd and for the most part this is a pretty bloody good film.  It’s a real shame it didn’t do better at the box office and I’m really excited to hear that they are making a television series and Urban may return as old stony face.

I’m a massive 2000 AD fan from the 90s where I devoured every issue and of course Judge Dredd was such a huge part of that.  He was this amazing character that was so angry but detached and for a teenager the violence in Heavy Metal Dredd was glorious.

As awesome as Dredd the film is though it does lack some of the satirical humour found in the comic, Mega City One isn’t quite so bizarre as the books portrayed it.  There is kind of a hint at it with the homeless man who will debase himself for money and is squashed by the blast doors as Dredd approaches him to kick his arse on the way out.  But the scene is pretty isolated and on its own doesn’t really bring the film up to 2000 AD style writing.

I’m certain this is from the comics but I can’t find a reference for it.

So I really enjoyed watching Dredd again and I think the look and feel for the characters in this are great but I’m sorry to say that this is one blu-ray that is not staying with me.  I just can’t imagine me wanting to watch again anytime soon and I’m sure I can find it streaming somewhere if I do.  So we have the first film to get the cut from the collection, and it’s not even a bad film, it’s a really bloody good one!

This is part of an ongoing series where I examine each movie in my Blu-ray collection to evaluate if I should keep it (I’m attempting to streamline as I feel it’s growing too big again).  Read about the project here.

The original illustration is available on Etsy to buy.  If there is any interest I might bring it out in prints.

You can download and print your own colouring page for free.

Drawing the Borg – speed drawing video

The other week when I drew the Borg entry in the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge I recorded the entire process from start to finish to show what it’s like when I draw group shots of the Borg.  A few years ago I drew a massive A3 illustration featuring a lot of Borg which really conditioned me to drawing them with ink straight off with only a few guiding lines (where they’ll be standing and how many of them).

The Borg Collective

The Borg from my 2014 Star Trek 365 project

The music was suitably Borg’ish so feel free to watch it without the soundtrack LOL.

The video is sped up x8 to give you an idea of how long this took to draw, as I’ve mentioned in the past especially with the Star Trek Scribbles I really like to move quickly on them.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Day 15 – Best First Officer – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day 15 – Best First Officer – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Commander Spock

Best is again a relative term, however I’m going with Commander Spock on this one, I LOVE Riker, Kira, T’Pol, and I’m okay with Chakotay but Spock became an international icon, he’s probably one of the finest characters in all of Star Trek and he’s referred to at least once as the best First Officer in the fleet so I’m going with Mister Spock.

I had a bit of fun with this one and broke out a charcoal pencil I hadn’t had the chance to use yet. Probably not what it was intended for but I do like the scribble nature of it.  You can’t be too precise with it all especially when the painting side of things runs the charcoal into the colours.  Again if you’re going to do a challenge you might as well experiment a little.

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