Space pals – a Star Wars illustration

Space pals - a Star Wars illustration featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca

Space Pals

The commission request was for Han and Chewie from any of the films “as long as they are cool bros” which I love as an instruction!  So I thought of instead of them on a planet somewhere or even in the cockpit I’d have them just hanging out at “home”.

The thing that took me the longest was Han Solo’s hair LOL.

It’s always nice to visit the “Wars” star universe 😉


Day Four – Best Captain – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Four - Best Captain – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Captain James T Kirk

Look, I love all the Captains of Star Trek and the idea of who’s best is an argument no one can ever win, all you can go with is your own personal preference and if the Earth is in danger and we’re sending one starship out to save us (which happens way too often in Star Trek) then I’m sorry but I want Captain James T. Kirk in command.

People throw a lot of shade at the Kirk character and frankly most of it is gross exaggeration and generalisation.  Also to break the fourth wall slightly, to suggest that Shatner can’t act and is rubbish as Kirk is pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Sure there’s some hokey stuff going on in Star Trek but then there’s some amazing work as well and the amazing outshines the crap.

I always maintain the true measure of the character is shown in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home when in a patched up captured Klingon vessel with a skeleton crew on their way home to face court martial they encounter a threat to Earth. To save Earth they have to undertake a ridiculously dangerous mission that they are completely ill equipped for.  Kirk doesn’t hesitate, not for a second because the other way is to let Earth perish.

It’s how he does everything.

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.

Thoughts on the actual drawing will be over on Patreon.

Day Three – Favourite Starship – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Three - Favourite Starship – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

NCC 1701, no bloody A, B, C or D.

This was a hard one for me actually because I really loved the Enterprise refit / A.  It’s a beautiful refit of the original Enterprise and to be honest if I hadn’t seen Star Trek Remastered then I might have still gone with it.  There’s nothing more majestic than the Enterprise limping home in Star Trek III however I am going with the original Enterprise.

Classic TOS Enterprise, it’s hard to go by her and with updated special effects she looks amazing.  It’s the original, end of story.

A close second apart from the Enterprise A would be the Klingon Bird of Prey – particularly the HMS Bounty.  Some very fond feelings for that ship, especially the awesome shot of her hovering above a whaling ship, sadly a problem we still have.

Scene from star Trek 4 The Voyage Home

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.

What’s your favourite Star Trek ship?

Day Two – Favourite Federation Race – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Two – Favourite Federation Race – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

The Vulcans

The Vulcans are synonymous with Star Trek and I always enjoy Vulcan storylines (more so than Klingon ones) so it was hard to go past them.  I enjoy drawing them the most, though to be fair Andorians and Tellarites are also pretty damn fun to illustrate.

They’ve had a pretty rough run of it especially in Enterprise where they were painted in a very different light and in my opinion probably a little too harshly.  Their stoic logic was supposed to be the thing that gave the impression they were arrogant and superior not actually being arrogant and superior as a culture.

It just feels like a disingenuous and lazy way to handle them writing wise.

The Bajorans were a very close second for me, a race that has a rich culture that is explored throughout seven years of Deep Space Nine, they are a really interesting race and I hope if they ever actually get back to making post Voyager Star Trek that we see the Bajorans integrated into the Federation.  And yes I know technically they weren’t in the Federation.

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.


Day One – Favourite TOS Episode – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day one - favourite TOS episode - 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

The Devil in the Dark

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these daily challenges so when I saw TrekkieRob post this over on Twitter I thought this would be cool to adapt to a drawing challenge.

So kicking off with day one what is my favourite Star Trek TOS episode? Well I think I only really discovered this semi recently when recording the Star Trek First Watch podcast.  I was struck by how fine an episode The Devil in the Dark is and was completely taken aback that it’s my favourite episode.

It’s shot amazingly, and it feels like everything awesome about Star Trek, the crew working together to solve a threat that turns out to be life that we don’t understand yet.  Even the Horta a creature design that has no right to be as effective as it is on screen is wonderful.  So as good as The City on the Edge of Tomorrow is, this episode beats it out by a Horta’s nose.

You can buy the original illustration on Etsy.

Also I’ll be posting the video of painting this over on Patreon in the coming days for Patrons.


Music to draw robots by

So whilst cleaning out my archives at home I uncovered a series of illustrations I did about seven years ago that I don’t actually hate.  The project was a series of illustrations of robots drawn whilst listening to a particular song or inspired by the song or something to that effect.

Some of these came up pretty well but I have no idea what all the songs are!

Music to draw robots by

I can’t even guess what this song would be.

It’s on the tip of my tongue, I’ll probably wake up some night with the song stuck in my head but I’m not even going to try and guess it here.

Music to draw robots by

This is Thunderstruck, I think.

Oh actually this could be You Give Love A Bad Name, possibly, I don’t know.  I think it’s probably most likely to be Thunderstruck.

Music to draw robots by

Something depressing

I’m going to suggest something depressing?  I do like the design of the robot though 🙂

Music to draw robots by

Carry On Wayward Son*

This one I remember because I bought the song on iTunes (this was before streaming subscriptions well before I got on to them or this song wasn’t on them).

*see the bottom of the page – this might have been a Bon Jovi song like Wanted Dead or Alive or Blaze of Glory

Music to draw robots by - Sabotage


I think this was actually the first one that inspired me to do the rest. I had this idea of a robot running through streets and crashing through walls and stuff to the song Sabotage.

Music to draw robots by

I want to say Every Rose Has its Thorn

I’d say that’s a pretty good bet, nothing else much makes sense.

Music to draw robots by

If I’m guessing I’m going to say Time After Time

I think this robot is actually modelled after a Japanese robot.  As I type this I just went and checked and it was Johnny Socko and His Flying Robot.

Music to draw robots by

Oh ummm actually this one is Carry On Wayward Son

Well you’ve certainly got some insight into how I write a linear blog post, more of a stream of consciousness than an article.  But yes this one was Carry On Wayward Son and the other one was probably a Bon Jovi song.

Seven years is a long time obviously when it comes to a developing drawing style but I still like these pics which is why I’m sharing them and they are not sitting in my recycling bin out on the street.

I might revisit this when I have some spare time in the new year, any suggestions for what songs and any guesses for the ones I don’t know (some of you might remember actually – Arjan I’m looking at you!)?


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I know you’re judging me.

But I can explain why this is in my blu-ray collection.  It’s part of the Indiana Jones set which was cheaper to buy than just the trilogy and I don’t think I’ve even played the disc.  It was on television when we were travelling and I put it on in the background and I didn’t enjoy it!!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not a good film, it’s not a bad film because of the fridge scene though the CGI gophers do not help.  It’s not even a bad film because of the aliens, though again they do no favours to the film either.

The film just misfires all over the place and there are too many characters who just randomly do stuff.  The film suffers from death by a million nitpicks, the skull has conflicting powers, why are the dudes living in the walls of the temple just waiting for other dudes to come along, the car stunts and of course the infamous vine swinging sequence that even if it were plausible (vines don’t work like that, a fact I read in the Indiana Jones official fan club newsletter when I was like ten) but anyone who has ever seen Ninja Warrior knows that there is no chance he’s going to hang on like that.

The film never feels like anyone has poured their heart into it and it all looks so fake and cheap.  I know it wasn’t cheap but I think when you see it in high definition the mind starts to see stuff that breaks the illusion (actually some of the James Bond films suffer badly in HD).

So there you have it, it would probably be redundant to just get rid of the disc when the case is still there and you never know I might want to do a complete run through… some day.   I would not buy this in 4k on its own.

This is part of a series of illustrations drawn from my blu-ray collection and drawn in ink with a nib pen.


I have been, and always shall be, your friend. A Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan illustration

I have been, and always shall be, your friend. A Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan illustration

I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

I have been fortunate to be presented with some really awesome Star Trek commission requests and invariably whenever there’s a bunch of them this scene always comes up.  It’s possibly the finest scene in all of Star Trek, a brutally poignant exchange between two friends who have been through it all together.  It’s actually not an easy scene to draw in my style as they are facing each other and someone has their back to the camera.

I’m going to write about the full process of drawing this one in the coming days, so if you’re interested in that kind of stuff keep an eye out.

Also, I’m now on Patreon so if you enjoy these drawings and want to contribute to the paint and paper fund head over there for some exclusive stuff.  

Set of three sketch cards – Lion-O, Jack Burton and False Maria

One of the awesome benefits of offering up commission requests is that you get interesting mixes of characters to draw that you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

These are a great example, I’m not sure I’ve ever drawn the False Maria robot from Metropolis before and I think once you draw a design you form a greater appreciation for it.  False Maria falls into this category, having drawn C3PO several times now I can really see the lineage as well as hints of Robocop.  It’s a stunning design.

Anything from the 80s cartoons is fun to draw and again I try and imbue them with a sense of my own style, no bulging muscles on Lion-O, I really enjoyed drawing that hair.  Thundercats wasn’t a cartoon I grew up with but I understand the attachment completely.

Back to semi-familiar territory I really wanted to draw cranky ol’ Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, not in his traditional singlet but his whole, “have you paid your dues, Jack?  Yes, sir, the cheque is in the mail.” Jack Burton.

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