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So the other night I was doing some updates and then my WordPress install crashed and got stuck in maintenance mode.  Not a huge disaster but enough that I had to Google the problem and would then have to go in and delete a file to reset it.  I think I’ve actually done it before on a work site but it was ages ago and even in this case I think I just ran repair table on the database which did the trick.

In those moments though where I realised that I hadn’t bothered with a back up in ages and I wondered if the problem was going to be catastrophic (I’d suffered one of those in the past on a previous blog) I wasn’t all that upset.

I’d spent ages putting together an artist website but I didn’t really care about it.

So after I fixed the problem I pulled the plug.

The evil flying server monkeys

The evil flying server monkeys – an illustration that used to sit on the error page of my old blog. – 2010

Extreme, I realise but then I’ve never been one for half measures, my various hair cuts over the years will attest to this fact.  I guess I didn’t feel the website really said anything about me or reflected me.  Most of my work is on display through various social channels and that’s good and embracing the current way of life online but I miss blogging.

Blogging changed my whole life, introduced me to people I love dearly and gave me a whole new career.  I know it’s not in fashion right now unless you’re an A lister or attached to some blogging conglomerate but I miss it all the same and feel I’ve gotten lazy with the 140 character and photo updates that I can instantly publish.

I do have Lee Writes Stuff and I think I’ll keep that site for much longer form articles, things I have to ponder longer or research but I think Lee Draws Stuff is a good domain to just draw shit and write rubbish and to hell with the marketing!  Like I’ll add stuff to the sidebars and you’ll be able to buy stuff but I think I’m just going to go back to throwing up sketches and pics and writing about stuff on a much more regular schedule.

I’ll need to work out what I’m doing with my social channels, what content goes on there that still keeps them engaging but I want here to be the place where all my stuff is kept and you can follow along on my misadventures LOL.

Thanks for visiting and sorry whatever you clicked to come here wasn’t here.  It will show up on here again, I’ve got plenty of days to fill and a lot of stuff in my archives to put back online but for now, why not follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get notifications when posts go up here?



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