Random Trek Tuesday #10 – Lessons (TNG)

 Now perhaps you can tell me what was so important that it required depriving the Captain of his cup of Earl Grey?

After drawing hundreds (mmm I suppose it would be easily over a thousand now) of Star Trek scribbles you would think that such a simple exchange would have little appeal or interest but I really enjoyed drawing this one.

There’s a more obvious scene later in the episode where Picard and Lt. Commander Nella Daren play a duet in one of the turboshafts but I’ve only semi recently (in the last year) drawn that scene and I just really enjoyed the opening of this episode so I went with Picard and Daren’s meeting.

I never noticed until this episode that the pants with the jacket uniform are a bit reminiscent of the monster maroon uniforms from the films.

It’s a solid episode that gives us a hint at why Picard doesn’t pursue romantic relationships whilst in command.

This is part of the Random Trek Tuesday. I have gathered together EVERY episode of Star Trek, every season, every series and every film except for Star Trek Picard and put them into a big spreadsheet. Every week I let the randomiser pick one episode out which I’ll watch and then draw a scene from. You’ll find the original over on the Lee Draws Stuff shop immediately after publishing here on a Tuesday night (unless already sold).

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