Random Trek Tuesday #13 – The Negus (DS9)

NOG: Planets in the Bajoran. What’s that word?
JAKE: System.
NOG: System.
JAKE: That was pretty good. Want to try some more?
NOG: The lar, largest planet is Bajor. It has three moons?
JAKE: You got it. Keep going, keep going.
NOG: The third moon, it has

Today’s random Trek episode is the Season 1 Deep Space Nine episode “The Nagus”.  Now I’m not the biggest fan of the character of the Nagus but I think this was a solid Ferengi world builder.  The more interesting ideas in the episode for me though come from Nog’s storyline.  Kept from learning by his family, considered a bad influence on Jake and the recipient of prejudice.  It’s a fascinating story especially knowing where he ends up.

I very much liked the scene towards the end that had Sisko uncovering that Jake is sneaking out at night to tutor Nog so he doesn’t fall massively behind.

It’s probably DS9 at its best, challenging misconceptions and portraying a positive single father and son dynamic.

This is part of the Random Trek Tuesday. I have gathered together EVERY episode of Star Trek, every season, every series and every film except for Star Trek Picard and put them into a big spreadsheet. Every week I let the randomiser pick one episode out which I’ll watch and then draw a scene from. You’ll find the original over on the Lee Draws Stuff shop immediately after publishing here on a Tuesday night (unless already sold).

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