Random Trek Tuesday #15 – Prophet Motive (DS9)

Rule number two hundred and eighty five. A good deed is its own reward.

Not two weeks ago I was saying how little I enjoy Grand Negus episodes and yet here we are with the randomness of the universe dropping another Negus episode in my lap.

But, like all the random episodes I gave it a proper watch and I have to say.

I really enjoyed it!

It was clever, there was a little slice of life b story in Doctor Bashir being nominated for an award that he secretly gets his hopes up despite the odds being firmly against him. It’s a nice character piece especially between him and Dax. I like seeing some of the more “office” like stories.

But the Negus being influenced by the Wormhole Aliens is quite clever and enjoyable. When Rom is reading the new rules out and poor Quark starts to get dizzy, it’s quite delightful.

The best scenes though are Quark’s promise to the Prophets that no Ferengi will bother them again.

It’s just a really fun episode.

This is part of the Random Trek Tuesday. I have gathered together EVERY episode of Star Trek, every season, every series and every film except for Star Trek Picard and put them into a big spreadsheet. Every week I let the randomiser pick one episode out which I’ll watch and then draw a scene from. You’ll find the original over on the Lee Draws Stuff shop immediately after publishing here on a Tuesday night (unless already sold).

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