Random Trek Tuesday – The Enterprise Incident (TOS)

The report was premature.

It was with some joy that I discovered that I had held this edition of Random Trek Tuesday over whilst in transit.

I think I can work out how to retrieve the master spreadsheet so I can work out what next week’s is which is also my last day in mandatory isolation and I’ll be going home!

The Enterprise Incident is an interesting episode, we get to see a lot more of the Romulans and there’s an element of fun and spy intrigue.

I’m not sure how well the whole affair is treated by the broader Trek canon as it raises questions about cloaking devices and Romulans using Klingon ships (that would be flipped in Star Trek 3).

Also Spock being less than honest is slightly out of character (not entirely obviously) but is this the event that puts him on the course to mentoring a half Romulan and ultimately the TNG series Unification.

The original will be available at some stage I don’t really know if it’s packed away in storage or with me.

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