Random Trek Tuesday – The Survivor (TAS)

The Vendorian attacks all three of them at once and escapes down the corridor

For this week’s Random Trek Tuesday it’s another TAS episode – the season one episode “The Survivor” (not to be confused with the TNG episode The Survivors).  It’s a reasonably tried and tested shape shifter story with some Romulan intrigue and a heavy does of the woman who used to love him but now serves on the Enterprise trope.

The alien in the episode is really interesting looking which of course is the benefit of an animated series.  The scene I’ve gone with is probably the most interesting of the episode simply because it is the alien interacting rather than just pretending to be someone else etc.

The very brief scene sees the alien grabbing Kirk Spock and McCoy and throwing them around a bit.  The alien is reminiscent of the alien in Independence Day (well vice versa, you know what I mean).

This is part of the Random Trek Tuesday. I have gathered together EVERY episode of Star Trek, every season, every series and every film except for Star Trek Picard and put them into a big spreadsheet. Every week I let the randomiser pick one episode out which I’ll watch and then draw a scene from. You’ll find the original over on the Lee Draws Stuff shop immediately after publishing here on a Tuesday night (unless already sold).

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