Serenity illustration featuring River and Mal

She always did love to dance.

I was a latecomer to Firefly but I was lucky to come to it with almost perfect timing.  I heard vague rumours about the show but for ages I didn’t bother checking it out, I’m not even sure if it actually aired on Australian free to air television, if it did it would have been late at night and I somehow missed it.

So I got a copy of the first two episodes through dubious channels and fell in love with it, immediately, without even realising it.  I bought the DVDs the day after and for the next fourteen nights we watched an episode (novice binge watchers back then). The timing was spot on because barely a month or so on Serenity was released in cinemas.

So it was a real treat to go from watching this amazing show and then jumping straight into the big screen continuation.  That screening was full of browncoats and they were so into it.  It is still one of my favourite shared viewing experiences (I have very few positive shared viewing experiences), we still talk of the guy who gasped so loudly in the aftermath of the Serenity crashing, the whole cinema was silent except for this one guy.  Poor bastard must have have had a heart attack at the next scene.

The soundtrack is beautiful and the film is wonderfully shot with character moments for everyone.  It’s a film that has it’s own problems but none of which particularly concern me.

I still love Serenity, in fact I upgraded it to 4K, I’m not sure I can tell the difference but the film is beautiful in HD and even the special effects still hold up.  So it’s a keeper for me, though I do have to offload the Blu-ray.

This is part of an ongoing series where I examine each movie in my Blu-ray collection to evaluate if I should keep it (I’m attempting to streamline as I feel it’s growing too big again).  Read about the project here.