Set of three sketch cards – Lion-O, Jack Burton and False Maria

One of the awesome benefits of offering up commission requests is that you get interesting mixes of characters to draw that you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

These are a great example, I’m not sure I’ve ever drawn the False Maria robot from Metropolis before and I think once you draw a design you form a greater appreciation for it.  False Maria falls into this category, having drawn C3PO several times now I can really see the lineage as well as hints of Robocop.  It’s a stunning design.

Anything from the 80s cartoons is fun to draw and again I try and imbue them with a sense of my own style, no bulging muscles on Lion-O, I really enjoyed drawing that hair.  Thundercats wasn’t a cartoon I grew up with but I understand the attachment completely.

Back to semi-familiar territory I really wanted to draw cranky ol’ Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, not in his traditional singlet but his whole, “have you paid your dues, Jack?  Yes, sir, the cheque is in the mail.” Jack Burton.

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